Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott


OK, I don't normally remember to leave feedback on Amazon (I'm trying to get better at it) but this time I'm going to. >:(

I bought two books from a "non-Amazon" second-hand book seller ("The Book Depository"); they charged me MORE for postage than the books themselves cost, which I was fairly OK with... Until the books turned up.

I must point out that I can't complain about the service - I've bought from them before and they've always been brilliant; quick, efficient and good quality products, I paid for them on Monday and they've already arrived, but FFFff.

Each book is more of a pamphlet, barely more than 15 sheets of A4 - both stacked together aren't even half a centimetre deep - I knew they were small, but I did't realise they were THAT small. And what REALLY got me was... they sent each one in its own individual smegging Jiffy bag. You could have got TEN books into ONE jiffy bag, guys. I don't appreciate being charged more than a fiver for the privilege of getting two jiffy bags I can't even reuse.

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