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Sabotaged Nurofen?

However did THIS happen?

A few blisters of "Seroquel XL" (quetiapine, an antipsychotic, and a fairly reasonable dose of it, too) have been found in packs of "Nurofen Plus" (ibuprofen and codeine, an "over the counter" i.e. purchasable painkiller).

Sabotage, I wonder? Especially as they're made by different companies.

Edit: Aha, there's some stuff on the Beeb


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Aug. 29th, 2011 12:38 am (UTC)
Haha, yeah, verrry wary of opioids, in the States (well, most of them.) When I worked down in the southwest, we used to get ex-pats coming in to buy up the maximum they could of Solpadeine to take home with them.

I agree, it's either some weird campaign, or someone at a wholesalers has messed up, although I'm not sure how. O_o The only way I imagined it'd be some innocent mistake was perhaps if someone dropped a load of boxes on the floor and just shoved whatever blisters they could find back into the boxes. (Our robot at work has a habit of emptying every box of Clozaril it can find, and dismantling the "Happy Shopper" paracetamol.)

The email from the PharmSoc said:
"We have some information to suggest possible links between these cases. It is possible that these problems are linked to product consolidation and/or erroneous examination of returns. Work is ongoing to obtain more information but the full facts may never be fully established."

...someone I overheard said they thought it was a protest from an animal rights group, although I'm not sure I understand why they thought that or what purpose they think it'd serve. :\
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