Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott

Trousers = drug of choice for pushbikes?

Grr, Whitesides.

Before he had his service last week, my bike has never been too unruly - sure, the chain used to skip a bit at the start, because I never managed to get booked in to Halfords for the "4 week check" (the waiting list was about 3 months O_o). Aside from that, no big deal.

Since his MOT, he's taken to biting my trouserlegs. About 3 times on our way home from the bike doctor, he grabbed the hem in his gears. Soo, I've taken to gathering it up and putting a safety pin through, to hold the hem out of the way - last thing I want is a) torn trousers or b), heaven forbid, that SHINY NEW CHAIN getting damaged.

So now he's taken to pulling the safety pins off. In 3 journeys, I've lost 2 pins, both from the left trouser-leg. ¬_¬


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