Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott


...missed my chance to write something for a project again, by not going with my instincts and when commenting on something which was a good idea, forgetting to follow it up by actually doing it. <_> *headdesk*

Maybe that's a subtle clue from my unconscious self that when I think I'm a better author than artist, my writing's not actually as good as I like to think it is. :P

Edit: OK, so I slept on it and figured I'm mostly just... frustrated. I don't want to complain to the project lead, because this thing has been delayed sooo long and had so many people drop out and I'd have been tearing my hair out if I was in her position. She's been brilliant at getting it up and running again and doing all the organisation - I don't think I could have done it.

Plus, there's nothing actually wrong with what has been written, they're good little stories - I don't feel like I should be entitled to nitpick someone else's art (because that's all it is, really; nitpickery) when I'm just being an overprotective old snob about my own pictures.

OK. I'm a little annoyed that the stories that were written to accompany the pieces I created are nothing like what I would have chosen to accompany the pieces. ¬_¬ (Annd, eenh. No offence to the author, but... I'm not sure I actually like the stories, much. I'm not going to go demanding they change them because heck, I couldn't have written something for every single piece of art, and everyone has different tastes and everything...)

Maybe it's just sour grapes that the author is a better writer than me? Surely if you're contracted to write something to go with a piece of art, you're write it so it fitted with the piece of art, not just... do your own thing based off a common myth, and end up with nothing like it? What's the point of us artists including details pertinent to the myths if that's going to be ignored completely?

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