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Memento Mori

NaNo2011... finally has a title. XD
After much scouring through latin phrasebooks, I came up with a very boring but oddly fitting
"Memento Mori"
Wikipedia says it’s “a Latin phrase translated as ‘Remember your mortality’, ‘Remember you must die’ or ‘Remember you will die’.“
In a way, it fits with what has happened to Blink, and also the “virus” plot.
I suppose in a way it's a little morbid? But I like it. ^_^

The other title I was thinking about using was "Carpe noctem" – ok, so it’s even more cliché and over-used, but I felt it fitted with the whole “werewolves” (or “were-whatevertheyares”) theme. XD

Other ideas I was kicking about:

  • I quite like the whole "bee"-colourscheme I have going on in my brain - yellow, orange, black and white, with accents in green, blue and lilac.

  • My subconsciousness also has hexagons in mind, as a sort of artistic/visual theme. (Hexagons are my new favourite thing at the moment, ha. Honeycombs, chickenwire, fences etc.) Plus I like the way they tessellate. I'm thinking of embroidering them onto my art, too, but we'll see how well THAT works. ¬_¬

  • Ferns are lurking in there, too - these com from “Frond”, the multi-planar creature that “changes” Bee. (I have a halfassed idea for this now, and that's to save her life. I'll note the plot down properly in a bit.)

  • The city Blink and Rae are making their way to is derelict, overgrown, but not abandoned - this is where the werewolves come in. XD (OK I don't know what they actually ARE. It's driven by a viral infection spread by a bite, that Frond has made Blink immune to - although she hasn't had time to tell her so. So there's another aspect of the "Memento Mori" thing.)

  • They're on their way to a laboratory, which MIGHT have either a ship (to escape on) or at least a radio (to call for help). This is all glass and chrome and shiny-looking. Probably has some kind of remote security system in place, which is still running several years after the workers abandoned it.

  • I love pebbles, too - either those big piles of smooth round pebbles like on a riverbed, or else like they do for spas, where they're all stacked up.

  • Dragonflies! I particularly like these wings, because they've got the same black and yellow and stripey theme going on.

  • Plus I'm thinking of using barbed wire as another theme - letters, words, hearts etc. It's supposedly evocative of protection, as well as being sharp and vicious.

  • Plot to come later. ^_^
Tags: # sapere5: memento mori (nano11), character: blink, character: frond, character: rae, laima

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