Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott

Decimal time?

Because I am a geek, I've been trying to work out how to "decimalise" time for my stories. It just annoys me having to "guesstimate" how long things last etc, and just inventing terms and guessing means I keep making mistakes. XD

I saw one TF system based on base 48, which was rather cool, but it always struck me as just because WE use 48-bit as a standard for computing (why is that? I must look it up) for a species living as long as a TF surely they'd use something more, I don't know, "logically decimalised"?

At the moment, I'm working in "thousands", and the system is based on the "standard unit" length of a day. There's no such thing as a month or a week, because they don't seem necessary at the moment. (I mean, why say "a month" when you can just as easily say "30 days"?) ("Years" are probably used in practice as a sort of "slang", but not part of the official measures.)

So far I have (although I'm probably going to rename them):
10^0 = 1 day (which I've implied is quite long, equivalent to 3.5 Earth days, to take into account all the night-time scenes in the cartoons XD Well, there's got to be a reason for it, right?)
10^3 = 1000 days = 1 "year"
10^6 = 1,000,000 days = 1000 "years" = "century"

So Seem, who is coming up on 40 vorns if going by the "official" TF canon measures, is... about 346 years old?

(40 vorns = 40x83 years = 3320 years.
Assuming these are the same length as Earth years, this means 1211800 Earth days.
Divide by 3.5 gives about 346229 "Ct" days.
Which is 346 "years" (orrr I guess they'd probably decimalise to 3.46x10^5 in some measuring systems...?)
OK my brain has melted. WAAAY to early to be doing this. I forget the point I was making.)

Althooough I guess in binary terms 8 is a logical number to use too...? As in, 10001000 etc.

In other news, I have confirmed with the management company that I haven't missed my service charge this year, so they're not going to send snipey letters telling me to pay up or else. (They only posted it last week)

Edit: I also kiiinda want to make little enamel pin badges with my blue angryface (example above) but I don't think I could justify the initial outlay, because I'm the only person who'd want one. XD

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