Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott


Crossposted from my Blogspot, IN TRIUMPH.

OK it would be more triumph-y if I'd FINISHED the thing, BUT I HIT MY 50,000.


Thus far: 50,179 words (according to the NaNo website, MSWord pegs it as a few less.)

Still not finished, though. XD I'm guesstimating... maybe 150,000 at the end? It'll probably end up like "Screaming Blue Murder", to be honest XD. (Which took me by surprise at 200,000)

And so, ON I GO...

Edit: Grr, so I changed the default privacy of my journal to "just me" so I don't spam up everyone's F-lists with my tweetings (I like to have them on my LJ so I can easily remember when I got back from on call, which no-one except me is interested in XD), and now I can't change the privacy settings at the point of posting. I have to post privately, then edit and change it. GRR @ LJ


(And I still haven't drawm my Xmas cards. ¬_¬ So they mayyyyy be a smidge late this year.)

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