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  • Tue, 12:29: srs, FedUp, it's been "in transit" since 7:45 am. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE
  • Tue, 15:01: AT F'ING LAST
  • Tue, 20:39: Dear world; why is it I can drop (expensive!) glass things, and they bounce, but plastic shatters all to buggery?
  • Tue, 22:01: Christmas Cards 2010! http://j.mp/dijPzZ
  • Wed, 00:02: Dammit NaNoSite, I only had another 66 words to my target, WHY did you have to mini-crash until JUST AFTER midnight?
  • Wed, 00:12: "Toccata and Fugue", Chapter 5: http://t.co/7AjNUIu (Still behind, booo. I blame FedUp- I mean FedEx, today)

  • Baby bluetits

    The other day, I was working on my computer when I heard bluetits calling, outside my window. I looked out, and found a whole flock of them - parents…

  • Ipswich Waxwings

    I spotted these at around 17:45 today. :) And I probably wouldn't have seen them at all if not for the shrieking throng (ok, there was about 5, but…

  • Impending gardening

    I need to do some gardening this weekend, otherwise Thundercracker will get a chance to consolidate his bid for kitchen dominion. ¬_¬ Last saturday,…

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