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Crossposted off devFART

Now that COULD be a descriptive noise, or a code! I AM SO CUNNING AND CRYPTIC, HA.

Soo, anyway. I was looking over a forum I used to frequent – bad move, I know, but I was avoiding my Nano I mean reminiscing about University as I’d just had some prehistoric (ok, 2004) photographs developed.

Completely coincidentally, I noticed my old forum handle come up in conversation. OK, sure, sooo... they’re talking about me? ¬_¬ That’s... nice, I guess? (I could already feel my hair standing up a bit. I suppose that means I don’t like people talking about me?) Oh, and Sl’askia, too, it seems. And griping about how all our characters were “such horrible Mary Sues because everything that happened was negative”. OK, fair enough, I can’t deny that my characterisation was pretty horrible back then, (although I would argue that they weren’t THAT bad they needed THAT label, and yes I am a leeettle offended) and sure things DID go wrong a lot. That’s not what made me go *humph*.

One says, and I paraphrase here: “I couldn’t finish (their) stories because they were so full of negativity” – Now, excuse me, but, ah... given that I never actually finished writing more than about 3, all of which had happy endings, so far as I recall?... how does that WORK, exactly? Maybe it just boils down to "If you’re going to talk about me, at least get it RIGHT..."

I don’t know. I just needed to get this off my chest, I suppose.

...ummmm mayyybe I should go work on my word count. AND HARRASS THE BIKES INTO BEHAVING. (Yes, Whitesides, I’m looking at you.)

(I wish there was a mood for "grumpy", because I'm not full-on furious, just... a late night grouch.)


Nov. 3rd, 2010 04:52 am (UTC)
It's old fanfiction, therefore it's an automatic universal target. Understanding or reading them is secondary at best - keep in mind they were saying they didn't even finish reading. Willing to bet they didn't start?

I can sort of understand why it'd get to you, but it's a bunch of people you don't know, complaining about something they don't get, over something long abandoned, mostly for the sake of being able to complain to other people about it. Unless you're in the mood to hunt down and yell at all of those people individually, there's not much to persue.

*bookmarks this anyway, just in case he needs samples of your old writing as later blackmail evide ... er, reading material*

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