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Comparative sizes of some of my giant robots in NaNoWriMo this year!

(No, I didn't draw those - I Googled "human proportions" or something like it, hoping for one of those little artist's mannequins, and this was as close as I could find. I downloaded it at work at lunch, and now my internet is being an arse and I can't find it again.)

WHYYYYyyy can't I have characters who are similar sizes, for a change? Even in my other fiction, everyone's hugely different sizes, and this is just like whoooooa crazy size disparity. And I just realised I made Beemer too short; she's supposed to be significantly taller than most bikes, so I'm going to resize her at 13.5ft.

Ex! I guesstimated how tall Rider and Sunny would be, and Skydash too - I was thinking Seem's hat makes him a smidge taller than Rider, and Sunny would be pretty bikeily average so about 11.5? And as Skydash is younger than Bee, and preemie too, she'd be... about a foot shorter? ANYWAYS.

Yeah I'm not sure WHEN Lara decided she was taller than Lance, but she is, and looking at this she's ended up 2.5ft taller than TC. O_o WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN.

Edit: Whups I forgot to mention Spring. XD I pegged him at 16ft, give or take - as you said he was taller than Sharpie. I'm not sure what his alt is - some kind of truck? I'unno.
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