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Weather and stuff

To those people who sponsored me a couple of weeks ago - thank you! XD I WILL put up a post about it and some photos, eventually. ¬_¬ I think we've raised just over £1,500 for the Anthony Nolan trust, although we're still chasing up the last of the sponsorship.

In other news... Rainnn. It's not really stopped in the last few days. I've travelled past quite a few accidents on my way to or from work, because of it. The other morning on the corner by the Thrasher, someone had been knocked off their bike and there were paramedics and police all blocking half the road. I came past an accident, last night, as well - it was only just 5:15 and traffic had slowed right down on Felixstowe road, so my immediate thought was "bah, Orwell bridge must be closed again or something"... then I saw the blue flashing lights and the ambulance. Turns out a driver had gone into the back of another driver, shunted them both all the way across to the wrong side of the road, up the kerb and onto the grass, and smashed the front car through a brick wall. O_o (After "eek, ambulance, hope they're ok", my main concern admittedly became "now how do I get past THIS?" because they were blocking the cycle route. ¬_¬ )

This morning it was drizzling down at about a 45 degree angle, so even though I had an umbrella, my legs are wet. Yesterday it was heavier, so the umbrella would have worked... if I'd not foolishly decided "as it's dry this morning, I'll take Whites." Soooo I got soaked on the way home, AGAIN. And Whites' missing back mudflap (which he is still whining at me about) isn't helping, so not only was I WET, I was also muddy. So tonight, I think I'll be going to Halfords, to spend my birthday vouchers. :P I might even remember to get a battery for my digital camera remote control, in B&Q - I've been needing to get one for at least 2 years now - then I can think about taking some less-wobbly photographs of some of my "non-flat" arts (which I can't scan).

Haha rambleramble. This is getting less and less coherent as I go down the page, huh. XD

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    20 Nov 2016, 22:17
    Oh, I do every time (well, within reason - her AVON orders, for example), although once someone said "oh, OK, thanks for letting us know. We'll update your record and send everything to this new one…
  • keaalu
    17 Nov 2016, 21:25
    Just email back and tell the sender they have the wrong email address. It's more likely to get back to her that way.
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    9 Aug 2015, 01:02
    Yeah, they changed some stuff around, probably trying to be relevant again or something. Change for the sake of change and all that.

    I hope you're doing well! I never see you online anymore. ^_^ I…
  • keaalu
    24 Feb 2014, 03:35
    Really love that middle image.

    As far as that cartoon. Well, um, yeah.
  • keaalu
    3 Feb 2014, 03:00
    Spooooooky images! :)
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