Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott


Trying to identify a caterpillar. (Or rather, lots of the same). There were a load of tiny little fuzzy caterpillars out on the path on my way home, I had to be careful where I walked to avoid squishing the little things. They were very hairy, brown, with two very distinctive, very clear red dots towards the hind end, but so far I've had no luck working out what they were.

My Google fu has failed me. -_-

Edit @ 19:04
OK so I thought "I know, I can't identify it so I'll go photograph it, that way if any other clever bods on the intertubes know what it is, they might tell me!"
Sooo I went outside with my camera annd... could I find even ONE of the little blighters? NOT EVEN ONE. *shakes fist*

Edit @ 20:42
Fortune cookie sez:
"All misunderstandings will vanish very soon."
...Please tell me it's not just me sees it as slightly sinister.
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