Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott



I have seen some little birdies on my peanut feeder. XD I saw a little shape flash past my study window and was all "ooh ooh maybe birdies-!" AND IT WAS. *glee*

I thought it was important enough to warrant a special note. ^_^ There's a couple of feeders been hanging there for about 3 months, and AT LAST I've seen some birds at it. YAAY.

...now I need to go buy more birdseed. ^_^ SHOPPING TRIP ON SATURDAYYYY

I need to get a tray to put birdseed on, this weekend, too, as there's a little chaffinch keeps coming up to my balcony and hopping around under the peanut feeder, and chirping annoyedly because there's usually only a few little peanut crumbs under it.
Tags: garden wildlife

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