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I MUST remember to update MY PROPER LJ more. :P

Uugh on-callll. I was on on Friday, and had my usual "let's be here for six months" session. I finally left at about 9:55, got home at 10:15. THIS IS NOT GOOD USE OF AN ON-CALL SERVICE, WARDS. It's EMERGENCY ON-CALL service, not "We'll send stuff down when we feel like it and bleep you endlessly so you spend all your time on the phone telling us our TTA isn't ready yet" service. Seriously, I could probably have knocked 30-45 minutes off the time I was there if they STOPPED BLEEPING ME AND NOT ANSWERING THE PHONE WHEN I ANSWERED IT. First time I was on-call? I was home at about 7pm. ¬_¬ (I know because I just found the LJ entry. XD)

Soooo the Ehlert story is still rumbling along in the papers. What, the EADT is censoring comments? This is my "unsurprised" face. :| Every time they publish an article about the guy who got electrocuted, it's like they're mourning some tragic hero, and keep publishing gushy sentiments about what a "good, kind man" he was. Apparently this "good kind man" even knocked out power to the hospital - lucky we've got a backup generator, or else everyone in places like CCU would have been screwed. No power for 40 minutes? Yeah, good luck with those mechanical ventilators, then.

So no, EADT. Please. We're not idiots. I sympathise with the family, sure (although to be honest? I almost sympathise with the emergency service personnel who found him more) but come one. Brother has been arrested in connection? You're telling me NO-ONE else in that family knew what was going on? (I have to admit that I do feel for the brother - he's going to have to live with what he saw for the rest of his life. Hearsay says the guy who died fell onto the live cables, and brother tried to pull him off - with what, I have no idea, I doubt they'd have had a plank of wood with them - by which time the dead man was already a torch. The police essentially just "scraped him up off the floor and put him in a box" to send to the coroner. Might be why it took so long to confirm cause of death.

Seriously, though - "[His mum] she attacked “hurtful” comments ... which had painted Mr Ehlert as a burglar." What? He broke into a substation to steal things - how is that "painting him as" a burglar? HE IS a burglar. Breaking and entering to nick stuff fits the description pretty well!)

Bah. In pleasanter news, the weather has been glorious the past few days. I have a couple of favourite types of weather, and this was it. ^_^ Overcast, hazy, with a little breeze, but with blotchy clouds, occasional showers, and warm. (I'd say low 20Cs? It was warmer out than it is in the dispensary, anyway, and the air con there is set to about 19-20 XD) It smelled delicious and rainy out, too - you know when it's rained and it's got that earthy, planty wet smell in the air? That.

The house martins are back, too. ^_^ There's a pair that nest in the eaves above my kitchen window, so I keep seeing them swoop in and out. (A couple of years ago there was a pair of swallows nested in the bin store, but I've not seen them since. XD ) And as I was on the way to the bus to come home, tonight, I heard a little "coo" from very close to my ear, and turned to find there's a pigeon nesting about my head-height under the eaves of one of the hospital blocks. I say "nesting", it looks more like it's just sat down on a pick-up-sticks game. XD If I can remember to take my camera to work, I'll try photograph it.

And finally... I'm going to play with Apophysis; it's a fractal generator that looks pretty fun. ^_^ I know some people on my FList have used it; I was going to have a go myself, but forgot about it (PC was too slow) until I had someone on DA watch me the other day with a load of nice fractals in their gallery, which reminded me, so now I'mma go play. (...I keep mistyping it "Apophysios". My brain is still stuck in hospital mode.)

Edit: Lastly, why does it often take TWO clicks to load anything on LJ? What link have they got running in the background THIS time? ¬_¬
Edit2: Ah, I see. Google-fu reveals it's that eBay thing they SUPPOSEDLY fixed. It's only just started doing it to me in the last few days, so... kinda annoyed. >:( *going to investigate the "opt out"*
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