Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott

Today's Twitterings.

So, what did you say had been happening today?

  • 00:26 Wow, not had a power cut in forever and man, you don't realise HOW dark a place is until even the street lights go out. #
  • 00:27 ...All the alarms going off are pretty annoying though. #
  • 00:42 Street lights are back, yay. No house power yet though. #
  • 00:53 ...Annnd we're back. Woo. #
...and finally, the weather. Today in the east of England, the weather will be outside (and probably frickin' cold again).
This has been your pre-set broadcast of Keaalu's twitterings for today. We now take you back to the scheduled broadcast.

Edit: Oh, I didn't tell folk I found out what caused the power cut, did I?
Like I half suspected: Moron barbecue. I kept an eye on the news all morning, they finally put something up on the local news website at 10am yesterday. Today's headlines are all "IPSWICH POWER DEATH HORROR!" A horror mostly, I guess, for the poor paramedic who found him fried onto the cables he was trying to steal? I mean honestly. Common sense really ISN'T that common, huh?

The comments on the story make me partly lol/partly rage though:

"When there are so many technological solutions in the market place that could prevent this from happening ... it makes you wonder who's deciding the value of a life, verses the value of small investment to stop this happening again?"
...if the big fence, locked doors and signs reading "DANGER OF DEATH, KEEP OUT" weren't enough to make the guy value HIS OWN LIFE, why does this dude think we should spend MORE money on EVEN MORE security on substations so we're all forced to value his life for him? (Gawd I'm sounding like someone from the BNP.)

"he wasn't a stupid man, just someone trying to make ends meet."
...I can't even comment on this one XD

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