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I know it's not finished, but I had to scan it so I could darken the pencil work - I only wanted a copy so I could play with her colours, but the photocopier at work is several shades of useless - so I figured why not upload it too.

Like it says on the title on the pic, she's a member of a species which evolved from a butterfly-like creature; this one is female, but males look 90% identical (mostly, they're a bit bigger. They still have the dramatic eyelashes and 80s hair). She's only wee; about 1.5 - 2 feet tall, which in comparison to the guy that finds them (Whitesides, the stickman in the bottom left corner - 12 feet tall, AND small for his kind. Yes I'm aware I got the scale wrong X( ) makes them kinda like fairies. (*lols at the fact a fairy found the fairies*)

No, they can't fly. The wings used to be flight-capable, but they grew too big, and now they're tougher, more leathery structures for display. The "trailers" on the wings are what mark her as female; they produce pheromones that control the society - it's a bit like a bee colony, with a breeding "queen" and worker females, but there's more "drones" and they're not just there for fertilising the queen. The queen's trailers stop the other females becoming fertile; female nymphs are traditionally "de-trail"-ed anyway, when they start to grow in their wings, so they don't interfere with the queen's control, but there has to be a few potentially fertile females in case the queen dies. As arthropods, no-one really minds this - it's a logical thing to do, to avoid quarrelling.

The little semicircles on her chest are her vocal plates; they generally talk in clicks and squeaks. On the sides of her abdomen are her spiracles, although she DOES have lungs and a complex circulatory system like a mammal. Her proboscis is more like her bottom lip; her maxillae open vertically to form a little kinda-mouth. The bulk of their diet is fluid, but they CAN chew and like fruit - they have little radulae behind the maxillae. Nymphs mostly use their radulae. Incidentally, they think horizontal mouths like humans have are disgusting malformations, big nasty holes in the face.

This is my fourth attempt at drawing her. :P At last I'm something close to what I saw in my mind.

I still can't believe hardly anyone draws butterflies so they look kinda LIKE butterflies, most just draw humans with butterfly wings - I mean, some butterflies have the cutest little snub-nosed faces EVER.
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