Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott


Yyyyyeeeeah, ok, so... I'm starting to think about another story. -_- Yes, ANOTHER one.

It's kinda sorta Cybertron-based, but I'm avoiding using the copyrighted stuff. ;) So far I'm collecting themes, and I have:
Weird aliens (I've been looking at some of Barlowe's things, and they're AWESOME)
Carnivorous plants
Weird, mossy, lichenous landscapes with giant moulds and stuff.

Also considering using it as a sorta "proper intro" for Sharp? Unno. Anyway! ^_^

Here is a friend's journal on DA. Observe the title. (I would type it but I'm being polite, and I know you USAians seem not to like "the c-word" even less than "the f-word" (which I don't understand because Gordon Ramsey's a dick - sorry, bad pun.)

ANYWAY. I am seeing that title, minus the "Bayonetta and..." part, as the sort of thing a certain teleport would probably say when caught out about something. "Yeah well, just go ask Thunderc***, he's the one who GROUNDED ME (bastard)"

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