Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott

Kay, so, the promised snow we were supposed to get last night never materialised... until I left the house at 07:35 to go to work this morning. It started LITERALLY as I stepped out of the front door, blew like a blizzard until I got on the bus, then dwindled back to tiny dandruffy nothings. It's stopped again now. DAMNIT.

The paths are ridiculously icy again, especially at Hening Road shops - particularly outside the GP surgery. You'd think THEY would have a vested interest in scraping the ice up off the paths. ¬_¬ At least the bus driver was a good sport this morning - Jo was at the zebra crossing when the bus turned up, and we asked if he'd wait for her, so he trundled forwards about 100 yards and picked her up from where she'd got to. XD MAKES A NICE CHANGE, Ipswich Buses, from all the times they've driven PAST me. :P

Anyway, yeah. Snow. Looks like it's going to snow more, too. Aren't we supposed to be getting it for the rest of January? Bastard weather.

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