Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott

Welcome home, Duckling

Birdies. ^_^

Allll together now: Awww.
I can't be assed with typing it all out again, so: COPYPASTA TIME

...Lara would never make the prettiest, sleekest of swans, eh? :P

Now this is SUPPOSED to be more allegorical than "OMG MUST FURRYISE MY CHARACTERS" (which tbh just feels silly, to me. I like the characters best how they are originally! But anyway). Yes, the falcon is kiiinda someone I adopted out of TF. ¬_¬ It'll be more obvious when I get him coloured; he's blue, if it helps. ;)

ANYWAY. It stems from the fact that at some point in the story, someone says to Celerity that she needs to take more care about her looks, because "even the NICEST ugly duckling is never gonna win the heart of a FALCON." This is from right at the end where he's basically telling her that pssh, you don't need to be caked in makeup for me to know I love you. And yes, I'm revisiting the birdy theme for it. ^_^

I know, the anatomy sucks, I didn't realise HOW MUCH until I scanned it. (He's either going to have to have reaaaaally long legs - which isn't TOO silly for a raptor, I guess? - or else he's stood on a box. Or she's kneeling down? She IS supposed to be TALLER than him). XD Oh well, I'll get it fixed up.

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