Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott

FedEx, FedUP more like

Uuugh, FedEx, why are you so shit.

Seriously. I know I'm probably biased, but I have never had a problem with Royal Mail, certainly not like I'm having with FedEx.

So I had a parcel delivered some time during November, and some time after that (about a week later) they sent me the invoice for the import duty - fair enough, I was expecting that. I put it in my handbag to take to the bank and pay it, then ended up changing my plans when my Mum came over - ultimately, sometime during all the moving stuff around so my parents could take away my ricketty old bed and wardrobe, I lost the invoice. I've hunted around for it and not found it. That was when the problems started.

First problem, you can't pay import duty on their website. Wtf. A company as big as FedEx, who probably handle HUNDREDS of payments like this every day? No dice. Royal Mail can manage it, and everyone whines about them, but not FedEx.

So instead I phoned them to explain, to ask "could you send me a duplicate of the invoice so I know what number it is, what I owe, and can pay it", so I could shove a cheque in the post or pop in to Natwest Bank or wtfever. They acted as if it was something they'd NEVER been asked before. And the guy couldn't find it.

SERIOUSLY, guys. HOW HARD IS IT TO FIND MY ADDRESS. YOU delivered the package. YOU have all my OTHER details on your system. You know my name, you know where I live, you know when it was delivered, you know who SENT the frigging thing. I have ONLY EVER HAD ONE PARCEL SENT BY YOU. How hard is it to goddamn SEND ANOTHER INVOICE? I want to send you money, already, can't you be a little more customer friendly?!

"Do you have the tracking number on the parcel," the guy asks. NO, Nimrod, it was on the PARCEL, and I THREW IT IN THE RECYCLING. What do you expect me to do, keep ALL the packaging for everything I ever recieve, just in case someone sends me an unexpected invoice several days AFTER the delivery?

OK, says I, plan B. They STILL haven't sent me a duplicate invoice, but oh! They've managed to send me a reminder that I haven't paid, (arrived Saturday) WITH THE INVOICE NUMBER ON IT. FFS. OK. I'll try pay by credit card over the phone. Far from an ideal choice, it'll cost me a fortune in calltime and I don't like doing it, but whatever, it'll get them off my back. So I phone their customer helpline, like it says to do on their website.

"Our main offices are closed. If you want to track a package, press 1. If you want to hear our opening times, press 2!"
¬_¬ I press 2
"Our main office is closed!" [call ends]

FedEx, your logic astounds me. *HEAD* *DESK* A little digging on their website and I've FINALLY found their opening hours, 7:30am to 7:30pm m-f, so I guess I can sort it tonight after work, but FFS, I have never had to deal with such a big, INEPT company before.

Why can't you just do like Royal Mail, and NOT DELIVER until the import duties are paid? Or, and here's a thought! LET ME GET ANOTHER COPY OF THE FRAGGING INVOICE.


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