Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott

Computer issues.

Urrg. I think my* motherboard battery might have died.

Turned my computer off as normal before going to work, all was fine.
Turned it ON today, and whoops, it's telling me there's an error of some sort (I forget the exact wording on the screen) and I need to set date/time. Date is set back to some time in early 2004 when I bought the PC (yeah, the poor thing is prehistoric) - so I'm figuring it's going back to factory settings because the battery's gone flat (lol, pun) and the clock's turning off?

Aside from that (and it's found a new soundcard, yay! One's magically appeared out of the ether! *headdesk* I'm guessing it's related) the thing runs fine.

Any computer savvy bods out there know if this sounds about right? I'd ring my Dad, who's more of an expert than me, but it's getting late in the day ;)

*Edit: OK not mine PERSONALLY, my PC's :P
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