Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott


No, not for cake!


Who wants one? Same dealie as last year, I don't need/want anything in return, there's no strings attached, I just like sending people cards. IT'S FUNN. Soooo you can either post here with your address (unless you had one last year and haven't moved and I already have your address and all that blabla) or email me or whatever. Post will be screened so not everyone sees the address*.

Um, no, I haven't finished actually making them. ¬_¬ I STILL HAVE LEFTOVERS FROM LAST YEAR HA HA No seriously I'm making new ones. ;) (And HA HA yeah I'm quite gonna beat the last posting date before Xmas. 10th DECEMBER, wtf Royal Mail? -_- *is dead*)

...one day I'll be, you know, pleased with how they look. :P

* - Edit: IF I REMEMBER HOW TO TURN IT ON damnit. *clicks the right button, this time*
Tags: christmas cards

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