Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott


OK so I perked up a bit now.

I have looads of stuff I should have posted ages ago so I may go and "back date" some entries with photos (like OMG CLOUDS). Anyway.

Yeah, so, went to London yesterday. The shopping was fun, the rest of it... not so much. I went to the British Museum to check out the "Moctezuma" exhibition, and could I find it? NUH. So I wandered around a bit going "I seen all this before -_-". (Although it probably didn't help that I was walking along going I hungry and there'd been delicious smells from restaurants outside as I walked.)

I'm going to go back in November, mainly to see the new Darwin Centre but I might go try and hunt down the Aztecs at the British Museum, too.

I DID find a pretty awesome tea shop in Covent Garden. (I might have started buying Christmas presents as well ¬_¬ but Shh!) I love the area around Seven Dials.

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