Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott


Uuuugh today does not bode well.

1. On-call. Auuugh I hate weekend on-calls (but I like Sundays less than Saturdays, so it could be worse.)

2. Missed bus, TWICE. Last night it was really late, so I assumed I'd missed it and nipped in to get some taxi money to use today. As I came out... I got to watch it drive off. ARGH. Then it rained on me.
This morning, it was early. Usually, the 6 comes pretty reliably at 20 and 50 minutes past the hour... except at 8:20 (the one I wanted to get, typical) which comes at 8:15. (why? WHY? pls to be rationalising ur timetables, Ipswich Buses.) And even THEN it was early.
So... I walked in. ¬_¬ The rest of the staff are all queued up in the corridor outside waiting to be able to get in when I get there and I'm all "sorrryyy bus miss get, had to walk. YES I AM FLUSTERED, I just had to walk 2.6 miles in 40 minutes. BUT I MADE IT, IT'S ONLY JUST 9AM so shh. *unlock, unlock*"

3. It's 12:53 and the work is done, this usually means it'll go crazy later.

Edit @ 13:45 :


I just had a call from a midwife with an MI query, is loratadine ok in breast feeding? Answer: Pretty much, low levels in breast milk, she can continue to breast feed.

THEN THE POLICE RANG ME OH GOD WHAT (literally as I hung up from the midwife, I put the phone down and it started ringing again.)
Luckily, just wanting advice on whether sildenafil (Viagra) (lol typo: "sildenafail") is a CD or not. "No, but it is a POM", says me. (I did geek out a bit over this, I should admit, and squeaked a bit. Hence Vecks gets to be the user-icon. *shame* But! *quietly* yay polizei ^_^)

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