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NaNo Facts and Figures

Just thought I'd post 'em so I don't forget them/lose them/etc! ^_^ These are just some details about places, species, etc. I'm going to properly profile the species later, maybe doodle up some native wildlife. (e.g. the trice and related species were bred up from a native sea-creature, and there's a lot of wild game that the colonists like to hunt in the southern continent.)

I got most of my names from real languages, this time - a lot of my species are seeming to sound very "samey".

Pabishka’s species: Laima (Lithuanian for "Luck")
Between 6 and 7 feet tall (High females/"herms" 7, females/"bearers" 6, males in-between), but relatively thin-boned, so not much heavier than a shorter human. Described them better earlier. Descended from a felinoid species, but don't look very catlike any more.
Original colonist species, make up large portion (approx 45%) of the population.
Current cast: Pabishka (Nuori's main sponsor, f), Otto (Nuori's Managing director, m), Rasa (Denizen, f; used to be v. rich, in charge of medical company, but framed for murder by her husband. Still (technically!) married to him).

Natives: Ruta ("Friend")
Smallish (4.5-5.5 feet tall), long arms, toe-walking build, very long prehensile tails (can't suspend their entire weight off them, but can use them for support, as a "third arm"). Large ears, erectile "hood" on the neck. Relatively thinly furred, paler on chest and inner arm/thigh; palette ranges from fully white all over, through fawn/cream (commonest) to a medium brown; most have random patches of darker colours on the back and ears etc. No dark brown or black unless dyed. (Slaves selectively bred for white fur, as they can then be dyed any colour; white is recessive, however, and most are at least short sighted - 35% are "legally blind".) Sorta remind me of a humanoid cross between a cobra and a fennec. Generally friendly, welcoming, even if they look quite stern and sharp.)
Current cast: Ausra (f, liberated slave; Rasa's current girlfriend)

99% of Southern continent inhabitants are native. Northern continent is mixed; 45% Laima, 20% Ruta (NB: most are servants/slaves), 10% artificial genetic biological constructs (99% of these are also in servitude), and 20% Coalition visitors (Mostly: Nyen, Ondrai, Zaar, Krell and Yurra. Small numbers of Vuls, Unser and le'Trai. Scattering of "Shaalivei" (Rebel Kiravai).)

Small City: Shahr-pieni
Capital: Stolica, Sostine – dual city with two “halves” that have grown into each other. Stolica is the larger “lump”.

Zones of northern half of continent:
Southern area/country – Lahar (as close to volcanic zone)
Central Eastern districts – Heina, Trava (grasslands)
Eastern coastal (forested) – Tavanyak,
Island (forested) - Xot
Northern (Steppe) – C’sten
Equatorial Mountains – the Hajalla Kari ("Broken Rock") – central. Felsen – northern foothills. Ganseki – southern foothills (Native inhabitants)

Southern continent names are more "descriptive", e.g. Where the Sea Floods, Where the Purple Reeds Grow, Where the Water Thunders, Where the Ocean Crashes, etc.

(I'll annotate my atlas with the names, later)

Wheeee words.
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