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50 "Sentences" Prompt list

...plenty of good words here!

Had fun with the prompts table Exie pointed out - yes, I'll upload my 50 sentences later ;) - but! I decided that so I could use it in my NaNo without any worries about copyright, I made my own! AND! I made it HARD, omg. I used interesting words off reference.com "Words of the Day" to make it. Hurrah. ^_^


...ok I think I'll make an easier one as well, though. ;) Just words I like, like... fluff, and kumquat. OK, not those ones, maybe, but you get the idea. ;)

Yes, anyone can use it. :) I'm relaxing my rules a bit, though - doesn't have to be a single sentence, can be a very short paragraph (to avoid my usual "imaginative punctuation" to make the sentences as long as possible), and it doesn't have to include the actual word, as such, but a synonym or general definition. (i.e. If I included the prompt "blue", the final sentence/passage could include the word blue (or a synonym like azure or cobalt), an emotion/tone (like sadness), a blue thing (like a gemstone or a bird), related concepts like the ocean, etc.)

Edit: GOT MY NEW MO-DUMB/router installed, so I shouldn't get kicked every 20 minutes now. YAY!
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