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Seemy, dreaming. The femme belongs to Exie. :)

It's sort of a play on the whole "ha ha I've got your little friend and you can't do squat to save her" that was the theme of his earlier dream - trying to go for a kinda "symbolic" thing, really. He's being swallowed up by some sort of tarry monster-thing (it has a silly face for silliness' sake at the moment ;) ), which he thinks implies he's "sinking into his own blackness" (i.e. "baww") but is really more a case of allowing his personal demons to consume him. Joyride is happily looking at the pretty flying birdy fish-things, although they're also a trick (hence the one at the bottom is kinda "bleeding" tar - it'll make more sense when it's coloured, *fingers crossed*), which is symbolic of the way Seem's always fretting about his family connections being dangerous for other people.


Its name was originally short for "cockatrice" but I guessed it'd work well enough on its own. They're sort of a genetically-designed hunting dog that was a) too clever and b) not pretty enough, and has gone feral as a result. They now prowl the Undercity - there's a fairly large colony living among the Denizens, although they're not "pets" as such; they're smarter than an animal like a dog, but not as smart as a humanoid/sapient being.

Nooo bad boy, no smoochies with married women.

Her ears are a bit small and I need to finish the back of his head, among other things. ¬_¬
Edit: Got the linework for this one done. :)

Lara. Sort of a promo-image, almost.

I'm going to try do this one as a "mixed media" type thing.

"Where are we going?"

Not fully coloured, the white bits on her should be goldy/yellow - I'm waiting for all my new markers to arrive so I can match the colours up - she should be "eggshell" or something in Prismacolor, but that one's run out, baww. I need to find which Copic is closest.

Watching the city.

They're perched up on a ledge watching the sun set; Seem's being all "bawww, conflicted, scared of heights but kinda want to throw self off anyway". I'm not sure I got their comparative sizes right, but I like it anyway. ^_^



Jul. 22nd, 2009 10:11 am (UTC)
Aaaaugh Jiiiill, I typed a long reply for you and something opened in this window before I could click reply and I looost it. *cry, cry*

Yeah, Seemy's getting in bad habits. I think maybe he's picking them up off "certain people" ¬_¬ Such an impressionable little youth! *shakes head sadly* (Although I think it was kinda accidental, too ;) )

The first pic is supposed to be slightly cryptic/symbolic - I was going to type up a proper description for it once I fixed my code, but forgot, whoops! I added it now you reminded me.

I have a full-body drawing of a trice lurking in one of my folders somewhere, I just need to (*cough* find it and *cough*) scan it.

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