Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott

I have JUST finished working on drug charts that came down at 5pm.

Yes, it is 8:30. Yes, I AM pissed right to hell off.

Edit: 21:02
I STILL haven't gone home yet. And whoever keeps ringing that fucking doorbell is going to get a punch in the mouth in a minute.

Edit @ 22:15
OK so I'm home AT LAST. I had to run for the bus, and only just caught it. *phew* Then came home via the chippy, and as I was their last customer of the evening, and they had a couple of bits of chicken left, the lady behind the counter gave them to me for free*, which was awesome of her. So my mood is a bit better!

Now, to see how long I get to STAY home for. ¬_¬

* - I DID buy my scampi and chips and drink. And would have happily paid for the chicken too, but she said she wouldn't charge me.

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