Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott


Uuuugh I hate you IE.

Now, don't all faint at once (I don't have enough soft landings for you), but I was trying to do some work on my website. I'm crap at websites, and I do ALL my coding in Notepad, but I mostly understand the code I'm using (at least, know how to edit it, even if I can't write it), so it's never been much of an issue. Until IE refuses to do something, and I can't work out WHY. *raeg*

I had two pages that were identical - and I mean identical, all the coding on page 2 was exactly the same as on page 1 as I'd literally just copied it and renamed it - and on the original version? No problemo. The links all worked, were fine, etc.

On the second one? No dice. I could click them all I liked, it'd just... ignore that they were supposed to be links, and laugh at me.

Needless to say, both worked fine in Firefox.


I'll go reply to LJ comments and things in a bit. I need to feed my brain, cuz it tiiiired.

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