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Lots and lots of art under here. I had a scanning spree!

Dumping in progress! I'll make this entry more coherent and add descriptions and everything once I'm done uploading (which'll be before I go to bed tonight ;) ), I just need a link for devART. Warning: THIS WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR MY NANO!

Anyway! We begin.

This is Wen, recovering from her "near-death experience" when she was poisoned (at her own wedding :P ). Triiied to get a bit of medical realism into it, but eh. The nasal cannulae are a bit myeah.

Yes, this WAS drawn on a genuine drug chart (obviously not an in-use one!). The hospital I work at changed and improved the format and the old ones (of which this is an example - well, a bit of it) all had to go off to be pulped. So... I snagged a couple. :) Actually easier to draw on than I thought, I thought it'd be all bleedy and horrible but it wasn't. So... yay. :)

Angry!Fred is angry. And he's hard to draw -_-

Some of the characters. Lars is looking sorta kitty-ish here, not sure how that happened.

Just... don't ask. Yes, contorting her into it was... not the easiest thing in the world.

My blobby kinda-watercoloury marker style. IT AM MESSY.

A "denizen" - a deep-dwelling failed genetic design gone feral.

Lara and Wen, on the way to the latter's wedding. This I scanned MOSTLY so I could (try to) do it as a papercutting, hence why Wen is conspicuous in her mostly-absence.

"This is the end product we'll be working towards. Improved, more feminine and more elegant. Just don't damage the original too much while you're reshaping her."

The boss of Nuori-Deuchainn. He tells me his name is "Otto" - I'm not sure why, it just came out of the ether at me, so "Otto" it is.

"If YOU don't control your life, someone else will."
It's supposed to be allegorical. ¬_¬ Nothing to do with Lara's "funny habits". Although I'm sure-... no. Please to not be giving her ideas.


Sneaky Fred. Still trying to sort out where all his limbs go, but at least it's an idea of his overall body plan?

Telluria. Yay, maps! Seem is pleased.

And lastly...

This is Wen - at least, her face. Still working on her body, and her colours. I'm thinking either sandy, or pale jade, with brighter elements like her "hair".
Tags: # sapere3: adverse camber (nano09), character: anali'awen / wen, character: celerity, character: firewire, character: fred, character: slipstream

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