Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott


I was watching out of my window the other night going "hmm those seagulls are going a bit crazy" and realised that yes, the trees were full of billywitches flying about. Yick.

Once again I have a selection of random plants (and I have NO IDEA what they are) growing in my tubs on my balcony wall - I'm letting them flower to see what they are. I think they're some sort of cultivated perennial, not a weed, because they seem to have come up in the middle of the lavender plants I bought as seedlings.

You know it's a British summer when the first severe weather warning of the year is the week before Wimbledon. ¬_¬ And now it's thundering. Gragh.

Oh well. Maybe it'll actually RAIN this time.

Whoa crap sky is green. And lightningy. See yous later! :(

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