Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott



Thunder is gone. We now have suuuunshine :)

I'm glad we had some rain, though. It pleases my plantbabies on the balcony. And! I was out there in the rain at 6:30 am, picking rocket to go in my sandwiches for lunch. X) The beans are growing merrily as well, so I can pretend I'm self-sufficient! I need some sticks for the tomatoes, though. And (I know it's not edible, BUT) I can see flowers on the clematis. Woo! The tree out the front has been eaten to buggery by a plague of caterpillars again, though - last year I didn't really notice them until "whoa where's all the leaves gone, and whoa, why's there a million billion caterpillars running around on the pavement?"

Now to go play more with my tablet. I've had the thing for about 2 years, but only actually installed it yesterday/day before. ¬_¬ I had a cheapo nasty Serif thing since Uni, which wasn't the greatest quality (and I was always losing the stylus), but I want to practice with creating art purely digitally, not be restricted just to real media.

...well, once Windoze has finished buggering about. It wants to automatically update, which always ALWAYS crashes the machine. Stupid thing.

Spoke too soon! That beautiful blue sky outside? There's a veeeeery black patch rolling in from the south. ¬_¬ So I think we might yet have a storm. Gonna offline again and maybe do some art instead.

Unrelated, but I wish "tizharpn" and "hutral" would stop keep adding one of my accounts on here (the one I don't use much with just my website updates on it) as a friend. They add, un-add, add, un-add, add, un-add, about once a week. Just... make up your mind, already. Look kinda like a spambot, but... ehhhh. MAKES ME GRUMPY. ¬_¬

OK getting darkish, storm coming. Off I go.

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