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Just a little bit of sappy fluff from Lara and TC. This is set post-Future Tense (if I ever get there), so... assume it's about 40 vorns into the future. ;) Back on Earth, for a bit of secret peace and quiet; I'm sure there'll be plenty of angry noises from TC's brothers at him offloading all his work on them BUT WE NO CARE, RITE?

Anyway yeah.


     She sighed, contentedly, and let her head rest against his shoulder; he snaked an arm around her waist and gently snugged her a fraction closer.
     “It’s beautiful in a dirty, uncivilised sort of way,” she observed, quietly, watching as the sun dipped towards the horizon, igniting the sky in a glory of brilliant colours. The rainclouds building behind them were just far enough away to be unobtrusive. “I never really got the chance to look at it all, last time I was here.”
     He chuckled quietly, leaned his head sideways and rested his cheek against the top of hers. “Now that’s one thing I will agree with the Autobots on. The place has some pretty damn beautiful skies.”
     “Do you miss it? The sky, I mean.”
     He considered it. “A little, maybe,” he agreed. “But then I figure the lack of dirt makes up for it. And Cybertron’s not exactly lacking in airspace.”

     “It’d be a lot better,” he rumbled, softly, “if Megatron wasn’t still here.”
     “He’s a long way away,” she reassured. “And we’d hear them coming long before they saw us.”
     “It’s still a risk,” he argued, shaking his head, sitting straighter so he could get a better look around himself, wary. “And if they found out about you? Primus. Maybe we shouldn’t have come here. Maybe we should go back home. Just until it’s safer, and they won’t try and use you to get at me.”
     “ Dack,” she scolded, good-humouredly. “I’m sparked, not disabled, and you can’t roll me up in cotton wool forever. I can still do all the things I could do before. Now is the best time to do this – while we still have the free time and the ability, and no little one to chase.”
     “But your sister-”
     “-lost hers because she overexerted herself and got shot. There was nothing you could have done about it.”
     “I could have pulled her off duty and told her to stay safe, if I’d known what was happening!”
     “We needed everyone we had, and she knew the risks.” She hummed a soft harmonic and felt him shift, subtly, tighten his arm where it curled behind her. “Even with the very best of efforts, you couldn’t have kept everyone safe – and certainly not with what we were up against.”
     “That was different. Vector was sparked, it would have been easy to pull her back and give her a less intense duty rota until the little one was safely in its own protoform. She and Beam had produced a good strong little harmonic, and because I let my optic come off the ball, she lost it.

     She sighed, and rubbed cheeks, knowing it’d take more than a few words to get him down from his conscience… then vented exhaust between pursed lips, blowing a raspberry against his neck.
     It had the desired effect; he snerked and eww-ed dramatically, and poked her in the sides.

     Rain had already begun to fall by the time they finally decided to head back indoors, hissing softly against the leaves of the trees below.

     “It’s only a bit of water,” he teased. “Come on, anti-bath is Warp’s way of thinking.”
     “It’s getting between my plating,” she complained, softly. “I still have gaps, remember?”
     He pulled her under his wings with a chuckle, using them as an umbrella. “Well I’m sure I can help ‘dry you off’ when we get back in…” He let his engines purrr throatily.

(Scraaaps. These two have formulated a terrible master plan, oh noes! Buuut I haven't written it down or anything. I guess 40 vorns is a good length of time to develop a hearty dislike of former allies?)

     “Well this sure is interesting.”
     “What?” Dirge leaned around his wingmate’s head. “What is?”
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