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Does anyone here know a "Megan Macy"? Because every week or so I get a rash of emails from "her" (if she exists) that seem almost allllmost like a real teenager rather than a spambot sending them - and they're stupid "pass this on OMFG soooo funny!" type emails rather than just "Buy this cheap soft flavoured Cialis!" (WTF is that, anyway? *)

I mean, I just got sent this: "Hey Abbi it is me Megan and I wanted too say that I hope this message gets too you. And you are a good friend and thank you for being such a good friend too me because pretty much all my friends are older than me and I do not like it at all. But thank you for being such a good friend."

I'm pretty sure it's a spambot. BUT in the even it isn't... I'm trying to work out if she's a friend of a friend, or just some doofus who thinks I MUST be someone she knows because I have the same name. :\ *hrrgh*

* - yes, I know what Cialis is. It's the "soft, flavoured" bit that gets me. :\ Do they make silly fluffy "sweetie" Cialis in the US? Over here it's just... well, a tablet. Equally - generic Cialis? a) if it's generic, it's not CIALIS, because that's a BRAND NAME and generic = UNBRANDED. b)... I'm pretty sure if the patent had run out on Cialis you're be able to get generic tadalafil from REPUTABLE sources as well as online pharmacies that could be selling you really expensive mints. :P


Edit @ 15:06 18/04/09 - mystery has been solved. She didn't answer when I said "I think you have the wrong email" or "Please check your email, I don't know who you are". When I sent her a page of "Whow are you? Who are you?" she finally responded with "oops sorry wrong address". :P



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Apr. 17th, 2009 10:48 pm (UTC)
Maybe it's like a gum drop?

At work we have been wondering what professional Viagra is (and why somebody thinks a bookshop might need it) for a while now.
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