Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott

WUARGH I f'ing HATE Ipswich f'ing Buses. ARGH. Tonight, the 17:07 went at, OH GUESS WHAT, 17:00. This is getting beyond a f'ing joke. Even if I get out at 5pm ON THE DOT I STILL get to watch the freaking bus drive off EARLY. And complaining to them doesn't do a f'ing spot of difference.

I'm such an assing snarky cow some days. WHY DO BUSES BRING OUT THE WORST IN MEEEE.

"Dear sir,
Has the number 6 service from the hospital changed again? I understand some times have been changed in the morning, but for the past few weeks the 17:07 service seems to have been going at 17:00.
If the times haven't changed, it'd be appreciated if the drivers could actually attempt to stick to the timetable. I can handle them being late, but regularly waiting nearly an hour because one driver's gone 10 minutes early and the next driver's 10 minutes late is getting tiresome.
Tags: aargh, transport

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