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Why am I STILL getting IMPORTANT-LOOKING POST FROM THE GOVERNMENT for the woman who lived here before I did? She MOVED OUT IN 2007 - yeah, that's 2 years ago! And I'm STILL getting her DVLA "our records show your car tax is about to run out" crap. Does this mean MY address is associated with HER driving licence? Or does it mean she just didn't bother notifying anyone she moved? Or does she not even own the car any more? Argh.

This is seriously getting beyond a joke. I could understand it being a government feckup, but I'm still getting things addressed to them from what looks like the Halifax building society, too, so I reckon it's (for once) not the bureaucrats' fault. I'm tired of having to keep putting things back in the post "moved, address unknown, return to sender". I still get all their "Early Learning Centre" and "Tesco Baby Club" nonsense as well. I'm going to start shredding it, soon.

They didn't set up a mail redirect when they moved out, which is most annoying. If they had, maybe that'd have solved a few problems, because I actually got a couple of BENEFITS letters for them that I had to put back in the post. >:( And the Post Office website says: "We can also be required by law to pass on your redirection details to the Benefit Agency or Local Authority." THE POST OFFICE WOULD HAVE PROBABLY FRIGGING DONE IT FOR THEM. AUUUGH.

I think they actually expected me to take their post in to Jonathan Waters (the Estate Agents) and have JW forward it to them - like the estate agents haven't got anything better to do, like, I don't know, TRY AND SELL HOUSES. Yes, I can understand them not wanting the buyer having their address - Mum and Dad gave their address to the people that bought their old house, and they pestered them like crazy for ages. ("How do we turn the light in the garden on", "where's the pipes for the washing machine", etc. I'd have been all JUST LOOK AROUND THE KITCHEN AND TRY THE SWITCHES, DOOFUSES.) But then, Mum and Dad ALSO set up a redirect.

There's not much else I can do, though, except write "Moved 2007, return to sender" on stuff and (MOODILY, RESENTFLLY) put them back in the post.


Gonna go SULKILY work on the NaNoBoard now. And doodle up some ideas. *HUFFS*
Tags: aargh, moving house

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