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EPIC PHOTOPOST OF DOOM or something. (OK I admit I suck at taking photos.)

First of all! The NaNoBoard (which reminded me I had photos to post in the first place)
NaNoBoard NaNoBoard. IDEAS 2009! Yeah, basically it's a big sheet of paper I'm writing crap all over, and sticking pictures to.

Woo, I guess? Anyway, yeah. As ever, throw ideas at me. :) SILLY IDEAS TOO. I can't guarantee I'll use 'em but I need a bigger stock to draw from.

NaNoBoard This is the whole thing. It's not very exciting, just a big A2-ish-size sheet of card.

The Desk! (I owe Jill this one. ;) )
The Desk Yeeeah well it's kinda tidy I guess? There WAS sufficient stuff on it a wee while ago that you couldn't actually see the surface ¬_¬

Mr Prancy, Lord of the Widowsill is only on the desk to be dusted. :P

And lastly, the garden! Yay
My garden is small Yeaah, my "garden" is kinda small. :( But now it's tidy! This is one end of it, with the 99% dead acer, and a clematic, and a mini-pieris.

My garden is small 2 Annnd here's the other end! But the pots are mostly empty. I'm thinking of putting some rocket and tomatoes into one of them, but we'll see how well THAT goes.

Pieris1! The middley bit. The bottom left is the pieris. Taken on the 7th April.

Pieris! And the pieris again! This one was taken on the 11th April. Compared to the previous one, taken on the 7th, it's gone "WAHEY! REDDDD!" It's not as good as the one at the hospital, there's one in the courtyard that's HUUUUGE. But I like it anyway. :)

Turdbug? For now I'm calling this a "turdbug" because I have no idea what it ACTUALLY is. I know it's a chrysalis, and it's thumb-sized, but that's all I can work out. I found quite a few of them under pots on my balcony as I was tidying. Billywitch cocoon?

And lastly...
EPIC WEEDS The EPIC WEEDS. See how impressively weedy my pots were before I hit 'em the other day? GIANT DANDELION.

PictureGearUnrelated, but... I don't think this was designed by a native english speaker. ¬_¬
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