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NaNo 2009?

Sorta kinda bouncing ideas around for what I want to write about this year. I know, I know, it's way early, but I hardly prepped at all last year and it SUUUCKED. So I'm prepping earlier this year and it might NOT suck as much. :)

Thus far I have the following ideas:
  • Mirii and Sei? (I'unno, they seem to be my main NaNo pair :P)

  • Slipstream (grown up), Celerity and Fred - no Seekers (apart from abstract mentions), because that way I can use the story without worrying too much about copyright-y issues. :)

  • Chameleonic aliens - the enemy, omg. These might be who the spider!Kitties were fighting? Or something.

  • Invisibility

  • Shapeshifting?

  • Alien deserts (like Libyan desert) - opportunity for flashbacks! (As in, Seem refuses to cross it.)

  • Cities with giant towering skyscrapers

  • Car transporters

  • Alleyways and sewers and low broken undergroundy levels of cities

Until November (when it all starts off), I'm accepting ideas from people, the weirder the better. Pictures, phrases, words, concepts, whatever.
All to go on...

The ideas board!
Where I'm sticking interesting pics and scribbling phrases and generally putting all the rubbish that I COULD possibly add...
NaNoBoard NaNoBoard. IDEAS 2009! Yeah, basically it's a big sheet of paper I'm writing crap all over, and sticking pictures to.
Woo, I guess? Anyway, yeah. As ever, throw ideas at me. :) SILLY IDEAS TOO. I can't guarantee I'll use 'em but I need a bigger stock to draw from.

NaNoBoard This is the whole thing. It's not very exciting, just a big A2-ish-size sheet of card.

Example-y flashback-y bit?
     "That for us?" he wondered, sleepily, examining the shimmering pool of cool, soothing fuel at their feet. "That for us, Dack? Make refuel?"
     The rumble of his uncle's deep voice was a soothing purr on his overheating systems. "I think that'll make you sick, Spark," he replied, sadly, dabbling his big fingers and analysing a little droplet of it. "It's just salty water."
     The little one sighed, disappointedly, venting scorching air out of his air conditioners. He was hot and hurty and this silly hot sandy place was already making him feel sick...

And some DOOODLES (pics under cut)
Aww, Sadlerity is sad. *pets*
Edit: NB those are her cheek-flashes, not OMG BIG ANIME TEARSSS

Tiny woooorlds And the tiny world! It's not actually that tiny, it's just a tiny pic. :) The top half is the "civilised", colonised, terraformed half, the bottom half is still controlled by the native tribes. The desert keeps them separated; at least, the "civilised" side can cross it, but don't want to, the natives want to, but (generally) can't. :P

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