November 28th, 2014

Memento Vivere 2

Two new "Memento Vivere" posts!

Yes, I have actually got off my aft and posted two (yes, TWO) whole chapters of Memento Vivere.

On LiveJournal: Chapter 16 | Chapter 17
On Dreamwidth: Chapter 16 | Chapter 17

The Dreamwidth entries have much nicer formatting. I'm not sure why the font on the Livejournal community is so tiny? I'll need to go and find myself a better journal layout at some point.

The current state of play:
Some of Chapter 16 was written back in March, when I foolishly said "I'm getting close to having another chapter of MV finished" and proceeded to write almost NOTHING for six whole months.

Chapter 17 is all new.

Chapters 18 onwards aren't finished; 18 is close (so so very close), but everything after that is a big disjointed muddle of half-written scenes that I am nowhere near being done with.

Memento Vivere 2

MV chapter eighteen is up!

Another new chapter! Unfortunately, there is trauma on the way for our heroines...

On LiveJournal: Chapter 18
On Dreamwidth: Chapter 18

The Dreamwidth entries have nicer formatting, but as usual it's doing something really strange with the italics - I'm not sure where the giant spaces are coming from. The actual code is identical to the code for the LJ entry. O_o

I crossposted the previous entry to Facebook, and decided I really don't like the way it's formatted, so I'm going to have to just do it manually from now on.