October 26th, 2013

Cycle-route terror

Near death experience

Or, "The hospital almost didn't have an on-call pharmacist today". O_o

Seriously? Some days, the roads are safer than the cycle routes.

I was making my way to work, as I usually do, on the cycle route (OK, double-duty-cycle-route/pavement) as it's smoother and nicer than the road... and a little black car shot out of a driveway and almost knocked me off. They looked like they'd braked, as the car jolted-... then they kept going!

There must have been less that a foot of space between them and me - and had I gone with my instinct (seeing the bumper emerge from behind ENORMOUS HEDGE™©) and braked, they WOULD have hit me. (Split second evaluation and I realised I wasn't going to stop in time.)

Seriously, guy, if you can't see what's coming, bolt a damn mirror to your gatepost. >:( I could have been a pedestrian. (I'd literally just overtaken two elderly people walking a few yards back.)

*manages to slow heart-rate*

(On the up side, I did manage my journey in 12 minutes 30 seconds. :) )

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Please check your details carefully

Dear Abbi Scott,

You have entered my gmail address as your own on the "New Georgia Public Library" system, so I'm getting all your emails about your books that are due back in.*

While some of your books sound interesting, they're not quite my reading level. ("The little engine that could, by Piper, Watty" sounds like it'd probably be up my street, if I were still four years old. "Clarabella's teeth" sounds a little too vampiriffic for my tastes though)

So I'd appreciate my email being removed from your record. I'm sure you'd appreciate being reminded your books are overdue, too, before you get fined. Unfortunately, all I can do is email your librarian and request they take my email off your record, as I have no idea who you are.

Best regards,

Another Abi Scott, in a completely different country, with none of your books.

(*OK, slight hyperbole, but over the course of a couple of years, I've had more than one of these emails. Some poor librarian is probably getting yelled at because "You didn't send me a reminder, how dare you f'ing fine me!")

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