November 26th, 2012


Good as Gold, Chapter 18

( Fake cut to chapter 18 on Dreamwidth or LiveJournal ) In which Mirii meets Yannis’ contact in the foreign lab (and gets even more confused), Brennan moves out to the hospital, Biohazard makes a surprising discovery of his own, and Asenka crosses swords with the sinister doctor Hueil.
Posted words: 72452 out of 100,000

My writing mood still hasn’t picked up. Doesn't help that I can never write very well after work, especially when I’m also on-call – normally, I’d have the end of November as annual leave, but we have the pre-regs in the department this year, so I can’t. My count might be ok but it’s turned into horribly disjointed notes of where the story is going, to flesh out later. Highly dissatisfying.
Written this year: 46492 out of 50,000

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