November 14th, 2012

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Still not entirely sure what happened at the call centre yesterday, but at least my wardrobes have arrived. The delivery men phoned me at a quarter past seven this morning to tell me when they were going to arrive. O_o (Then the call centre phoned me, a few hours later... and gave me a different time. XD Typical. The drivers were right.)

Tomorrow is the day the UK gets to vote for the mysterious "Police and Crime Commissioner", or PCC. We discussed it at Mike's retirement meal last friday - or rather, some of us discussed it, some of us only just found out about it. O_o (And some thought it was to do with the parochial church council.) It has been so badly publicised, most people have no idea what they're voting FOR. (I think a poll in the region said only 1 in 4 were even going to bother voting. Good going there, guys. ¬_¬)

I only found out more about it because I caught a program on BBC1 last week - I certainly have no familiarity with any of the candidates, and it doesn't help that the website with details of my local candidates just told me "Resource Limit Is Reached. The website is temporarily unable to service your request as it exceeded resource limit. Please try again later."

Oh well. I've got my polling card pinned up safely, and I'm going to vote - time will tell if it actually adds anything, or just adds another layer of bureaucracy, I imagine.

Edit: Why has it suddenly got so FOGGY out?

Edit, a redux: OK, I have now read through their manifestos - those that have them. And I am still no clearer on who I want to vote for. *facedesk*

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