November 12th, 2012


Good as Gold, Chapter 16

( Fake cut to chapter 16 on Dreamwidth or LiveJournal ) In which Mirii visits the market with Yannis (who as always has an ulterior motive) and Sei begins to find out what his abductor is up to.

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57,361 out of 100,000

I was managing to keep ahead of my count once I got into the story, but I slowed up a little over the weekend – I keep having issues with my plot (as in, lack of it), and I don’t want to take the cheat’s way out of adding something completely random. I do mostly want this to maybe be, you know, worth reading, when I’m finished? I have bullied the plot a little bit and noted down some things I want to happen, and in what order, so I hope I’ll be able to pick up the pace a little.
Written this year: 18,939 out of 50,000

Unrelated: I really wish those bots would leave me alone. I don't WANT to have to ban people from commenting unless they're on my friends list (as I'd get no comments then, haha. ¬_¬). There's nothing more disappointing than seeing you actually have a comment on something! then realising it's just some Russian spambot trying to send you to a phishing site.

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