October 17th, 2012

Xmas foxie!

Christmas Card angst

This rant is mostly hyperbole - I just felt the need to vent.

Those of you who have said "yes!" to a Christmas Card? You may just get cute nonchristmassy alien critters instead of my original idea, because I am seriously doing my nut trying to get this drawing to look right. >_< *shakefist*

I have spent hoooouuuuurrrs on the pencils and I'm still not satisfied. I should have probably suspected it was a bad idea when the mirror I was using to flip the image, to check the anatomy, slid off the table and broke. ¬_¬

It's got to the point now where I'm allllmoooost satisfied. *crosses fingers* I think I have spent the last two hours on: scan, resize, flip, examine, swear, tweak drawing, re-scan, lather rinse and repeat. It's taken me five hours to realise that uh, the reason one character looks so strange is that he seems to exist on AT LEAST THREE separate planes, none of which line up. *headdesk*

On a related note... I wish the printers would make up their mind what size the cards were meant to actually be. You go to the Christmas cards page, and they give you the option to select by size: 5"x7" or 4"x8". I'm not sure why they quote the sizes in inches, because everything else on the site is in mm, but whatever, I didn't design the site. So, I selected 5"x7", as these cards are folded. And it goes to the page for 182mmx117mm.

182x117 =/= 5"x7"

As soon as my sample robin cards arrive, I'm getting a friggin' ruler out.

Edit: And on the subject of robins... Woo! SHIPPED