October 8th, 2012


Stained Glass Creatures, a redux

I found my original post! December 2008, ouch. But I at least got a couple finished off!

Enfield    Kelpie An enfield (left) and a kelpie (right). As well as a borough in London, the enfield is a heraldic beastie, made up of fox, eagle, and wolf, occasionally with some greyhound and lion in it too. The kelpie, or each uisge, is the carnivorous water horse of celtic myth. You could always identify a kelpie by the sand and shells in its mane. (Presumably, if you dared to get close enough?)

As ever, I'm somewhat dissatisfied by the enfield's blobby "magic" and will probably rework it. To answer Anna's question (I can't get on FA right now): they're tall, skinny pictures because that way they'll fit on a particular brand of stickers. I like to get things printed so I can hide them inside things I put in the post (like... Christmas cards, haha) as little extras. Edit@8am 10/10: Ahaha! SUCCESS. I found my peacock griffin! (I was thinking I was going to have to redraw it from my horrible scan on the previous entry.) I'll get that coloured and uploaded tonight. Teehee, today's date is 10/10; I sense I will keep making jokes about things being "ten out of ten".


Argh, why did I enable 2-bit verification on my Gmail, now I have to get a code every time I want to update my Blogspot at work. >_<