October 6th, 2012

Scary creepy unicorn

Tiny Colourful Horsies: Context is Magic

Sooo, remember this?

The Wrong Trousers Yeah. Oops!

Poor Whitesides. He seems to have tripped over and fell into the wrong fandom. (It’s still Hasbro, what’s he whining about?) This is NOT the transformation he is familiar with.

He says “Longbeam wouldn’t put up with this, why don’t you go pick on HER every once in a while.” Uh, because she wouldn’t put up with it? (You, on the other hand, just roll over and let me do it, love.)

…I’m not sure what look I was trying to achieve here. Policebike-pony-sparklebot-whatever? He’s not a cyborg – more like, halfway between synthoid and full robot. WHY AM I OVERDESCRIBING THIS. It’s just stupid. Pls to be living with this fact.

No, I am not a fan of “My Little Pony” (although that much was probably obvious by my atrocious drawing) – I don’t have anything against it, but magic multicoloured tiny horses aren’t exactly my thing, any more. (The last time I watched MLP was in 1986, when the film came out. I was… four? Maybe five? Holy target demographic, Batman!)