October 2nd, 2012

Iios rolleyes

Roadworks, bah

So, you may have seen my little photo gallery chronicling the demolition of the old Cranes foundry near where I live; they used to make "fluid handling systems" - so, taps and pipes and joints etc - until they closed a few years ago, because I think they moved the manufacturing overseas. (Or, you may not have seen it; I forget if I linked to it, haha. ^^)

Anyway. They started demolition back in March/April, and the foundry buildings disappeared really quickly - they've already got "opening soon!" signs up for the big supermarket they subsequently built there. (It's a "John Lewis at home", and Waitrose.)

Unfortunately this means they're digging up the road I use to get from home to work.

Ponybot Whites and me are going to have to find an alternative route. *unimpressed*

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Edit: Not liking this new "cut" at all, LJ. I want to be able to open the cut and go to the actual page in the journal, not have it just expand on the page. Otherwise I then have to click AGAIN and wait for it to then LOAD AGAIN (slowly, clunkily, because the "new" comments pages STILL don't open properly on some of the computers I use) if I want to comment. >:( (Not to mention, pages take so long loading all the crap associated with them, now, especially on my older computer, that I'll have read half the comments by the time the last component loads... and the page snaps back to the top of the comments section, and I lose my place.)