September 27th, 2012


Very excited!

Two exciting things have happened this week! XD (And no, I'm not talking about my two days off, because it'll actually be three days come tomorrow.)

Thing one: I have been sent awesome giftart!
Trice Trice by Anna Ghislaine (garedeuropa/Website)
I love the whole painterly style to this, and the way it's all glowwy; I've always enjoyed her bright, almost surrealist cartoony style, and of course predilection for monsters and weird creatures. (Original link)

Thing two: Guess what I found on my doormat when I got home yesterday!
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Lastly: Christmas Cards!
I have been rubbish at getting them ready on time for the last two years, so I've started creating them already for this year. Show of hands - anyone want one?