September 19th, 2012

MM Blink

Memento Mori, Chapters 32 and 33

At last, I can make the post I have been itching to make since, ooh, about 1st November last year.

Drum roll please:
Ten months and nineteen days after I started it, the first draft of Memento Mori is finished!

( Fake cut to chapter 32 ) Dreamwidth Mirror In which Tevak finally gets his hands back on his prize, but Blink gets a little assistance from on high.
169055 200000

and lastly…
( Fake cut to the epilogue ) Dreamwidth Mirror In which loose ends are tied up, and Blink gets one more opportunity to do good.
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I now just have to edit it, and tidy it up, and get rid of the disappearing characters, and...

Edit: Typical - so excited to be posting it, I flubbed my html. (I forgot the password for the MM LJ at lunch, too - posting these last chapters is just dogged with failure.)