September 1st, 2012

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Memento Mori, Chapter 31

I am SO CLOSE to finishing this story. In fact, I want to finish it THIS WEEKEND. I have JUST ONE - one! - last "real" chapter left to go. Then I can get to re-plotting some of my other "dangling modifiers"; I need to work on the plot of "Good as Gold" (which I feel the need to try and finish for this year's Nano), as well as FT.

Anyway, onwards with MM:

( Fake cut to the little prologue I managed to get finished. ) Dreamwidth Mirror It's still fairly "rough-and-ready", as it were - just to get the point across until I get down to editing and polishing. (In the finished item, I hope the prologue will be a little longer, and a little more exciting, but for now, it's good enough.) It's mostly there to draw people into the action and make them curious.

And for the proper update:
( Fake cut to chapter 31 ) Dreamwidth Mirror In which Blink returns to Kust to see what's happened in her absence, and gets a little shocking news on the side. Oh, and bumps into someone she really didn't want to meet. We're all gearing up for the final showdown. *bites nails!*

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I've been thinking a little about other worldbuilding-y things, like why are groups of three so important among fliers? (Easy: three is the minimum group size needed to ensure an injured member of the party can be carried to safety - Screamer proved in Egypt that only having one wingmate isn't really enough to pull you out of a nosedive if you lose the power of flight. Same with bikes going around in fours - small models really need to be able to pair off for safety, if one is injured, one can stay with him/her while the other two go for help. Magic :) )